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You are on the right Path

Follow your heart

and You shall find the way out

My question to you is...

"What do you want?"


Caia and the work she is so very gifted at, has ultimately changed my life forever. I came to Caia seeking answers in order to help me find guidance and clarity within my life. I came into this qhht session one person and left completely different.
My soul and self were amended as one and never before had I felt so liberated. It’s been about three weeks since my qhht session and since I have been guided on a constant path of ease where my long life dreams are beginning to come true.
I couldn’t have achieved any of this on my own, with the loving help and openness from Caia, I now am truly living. The gratitude I have towards this experience can not be put in to words, it’s unbelievable the magic we hold within us.
Thank you Caia for helping me see that.
                                                                                               ~ love and light t

"I did the QHHT experience with Caia in the month of August. It was an amazing experience and helped me work through some very emotional times and problems. I was made feel very comfortable and felt at home! Caia was very calm and relaxed, at first I didn't see anything and she tried again! The more relaxed I got I began to see the images that was being said! I would highly recommend this type of therapy especially if you have lost a loved one as this is one reason I did it and it really helped me and made me understand! I would like to thank Caia for this amazing experience and would recommend her for all of her therapies!"


                                            Laura, Sydney AUSTRALIA

"QHHT was a great experience. After Caia's session, I realized why many aspects of my life in which specific traits existed. My past lives were detailed and many. The time spent with Caia allowed me to review sessions of my past, present and future. With the QHHT, I could confirm my anticipated results of life. I highly recommend this practitioner!!"    


David, Sydney AUSTRALIA

"The session was well conducted and explanations of the process were fully communicated. It was a trip to the unknown brought to the light issues I was not aware of. Power of suggestions were overwhelming and challenging. Caia was very professional and I recommend her treatment any time"


Hilal, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Praise to Caia!

"I feel like I  am fully awake and walking with awareness now in the world, realising who I am and how I became the person I am, which now I gratefully accept. My fears are now replaced with a sense of feeling calm. This could not be possible without the angel that is 'Caia, and I'm sure I'll never meet again in this lifetime someone so selfless, passionate and committed to genuinely helping people to realise their full, amazing capacity and value in this life. I'll always remember this life changing experience! Thank you from the depth of my heart! You have not only helped me but my entire family! I'm so grateful! Xxx"


Lisa B, Sydney Australia


"Dear Caia,

I want to thank you for your precious time that you gave me yesterday. What your doign is pretty amazing, it truly is a beautiful gift. What a wonderful journey you have chosen for your self with QHHT,and I feel honoured that I was a part of it.

Thank you again, it was great! xoxo  "  


'My therapy with Caia was unique and very insightful into a range of different areas of my life. I have never experienced any form of Hypnotherapy before and found it to be enjoyable and inspiring on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Caia is patient and supportive as a therapist and she lends her compassion into her style of therapy to provide a nurturing and understanding healing environment.'


      Nathan Ho, Clairvoyant Healer

"Wow, so much to take in with my session. What I found amazing is how each of the past lives showed a part of my personality today. What was the best part (for me) was communicating with the subconscious. Just after the session I wasn't too sure if what took place was real because it was so subtle. Its been a week now and I feel so different about the people in my life. Long held beliefs have changed from one session. 

Caia is such a lovely soul and made me feel comfortable. She is quite intuitive so was able to provide insight to the information that was shared. If you do decide to book a session, be prepared to change for the better."


 Sarah Z, Sydney, Australia

"I went to see Caia for a QHHT session, after making many mistakes and wondering why... hoping to change that and find some answers.  Since meeting with Caia I have found a certain inner peace and feel that the session has assisted me deeply.

I suffered from migraines for years,and my session revealed, I had suffered a head injury in a past life, and this headache stayed with me in every life time after that until QHHT session.I have not had a headache since.


Also, I asked to Subconscious about my Mother in law's health as she had been ill lately. I found out in the session that she needed daily medication because she has diabetes. Susconscious said the biabetes is a genetic issue from her Dad's side of family.

She confirmed her dad had diabetes and picked up results from hospital on the day after...  

you guessed it, the doctor put her on daily medication to control diabetes. (She didn't know she had diabetes until this day of her life). 


It's a truly amazing experience, and I am excited about other things that have been said that I am currently working through with ease due to my session.

Caia, thank you so much, I feel thsi experience if life changing in a positive manner, and you have a beautiful soul doing the work that you do assisting people.

I am blessed to have had this experience x"


Kelly, C    NSW, Australia 

"My first ever experience with Hypnotherapy was not at all very positive, as it was expensive and I did not feel that it covered a broad depth of healing or change for me. I thought with any healing method I would need to visit the therapist several times before any noticeable changes would be made but I was informed that major shifts in my energy would take place from the very first session with QHHT. I was intrigued with this and I decided to give a therapy session with Caia a try. I have experienced several different modalities of healing and done healing on myself, trying to clear my own blocks.

On the day of my session, I had nothing in particular that I wanted to ask about, however, talking to Caia about my life, I found out that I had a lot of fear connected to losing my loved ones. At the time I decided to leave my husband in Australia and return to Japan on my own for my labour, and despite having no problems in my marriage, I knew that there was no reason for me to be afraid, but I was so afraid to leave him. During our session together, I experienced several past lives where losing loved ones was a common theme and this was the reason that I had this fear. After clearing those lives, I had a message from my Subconscious about this fear, and I felt surrounded by a deep sense of security. I felt like a block in my heart was dissolving away.


Right after the session I could feel that my anxiety was all gone but I had a slight feeling of doubt as I thought maybe it was an emotional high from experiencing this healing. After several days, I still noticed these changes, and I can say that the results were outstanding, lasting and enduring.. From that day onwards, I am feeling very emotionally stable and I have no fear of being away from my Husband. I have overcome not only the fear of being apart from him, but I can fully trust and love him from the bottom of my heart and these feelings have not changed since returning to Japan on my own. I am very happy that I could clear this block out that I had not noticed, and I am very grateful for Caia’s supporting and delivery of these messages from my Subconscious.


I would highly recommend a session with Caia for anyone who is looking for more in their life. If you feel comfortable with your vibration and would like a session with her, please be fully open to what she has to offer, regardless of what expectations you have. I am sure Caia will deliver the beautiful messages from your Subconscious. I wish you the best on the pathway to your happiness in life.


                        Kumiko, Okinawa Japan

"Dear Caia,  


I had been doing things I preferred.


To write in a calm moment to say thank you so much for your kindness, love, availability and for your precious help.


Thank you for your connection and for helping me to reconnect(to my innerself). xxx


                  Gabriel, Italy

"Dear Caia,


I would like to thankyou for the time you spent with me, I AM eternally great fulll for your having passed my way,


The relevance of what you told me hadn't fully been understood until now I needed to be fully conscious to receive my message but I wasn't ready .


You have a gift that is not determined by you skills as a QHHT practitioner alone, your whole being uplifted me and I learned a lot from you just being you. I sincerely thankyou for my message because that was all I needed to know .


Thankyou, Love and Light"                               Micheal, Sydney Australia

"I would like to say thank you for my great session in QHHT the last week it has given me many answers to questions I have been asking for most of my life, I am ever so grateful to have been guided to you and the everlasting experience it has given me. I feel more comfortable with myself and my ability to now move forward towards a greater understanding of my Higher-Self and the journey to which we have undertaken. Thank you for helping me to turn on the light and find my way out of the darkness for helping me to see where I came from to aid me in my connection to what and who I am and guiding me towards the forfillments of my wishes and dreams, you are a beautiful caring soul who shines with pure light and energy thank you again for my eye opening journey my heart and soul thank you for such an amazing awakening.
Love and Light"


    Susan Blakeview Adelaide South Australia

"What a experience.... !!!As a mum who run a own business, my mind had been fully working all the time.

It was such a incredible and amazing  time to be able to switch off  from the all worries,  stress and everything else which I have never ever even try to do so.

Now I know I needed it.
Even though I had nothing I want to ask or problem, because I could see where I had been and come from through the journey to my past lives made me realized how I can enjoy my life from now on and what a gift I have been able to live like the way I am now...

Big thank you to Caia who is a very patient, never judge and has a big heart and mind to accept everything.XXX"
                                Shiho, QLD Australia

"QHHT session with Caia was a very meaningful experience for me. It was a awakening moment for me to get through a very difficult time I had with my family.

I have learnt that it was a spiritual guidance to meet Caia. The session has given me a clear understanding of spiritual world and a meaning of being in a physical form, that I need to understand what love is and to be able to appreciate it.

She is a very experienced practitioner that you can easily feel comfortable with, I could have received a pleasant and sweet guide and support during and even after the session. I highly recommend to anyone to have a session with Caia."


                          Midori, Sydney Australia

"I took a session yesterday and I am very happy of this precious time. Caia welcomes you in her own house, the session takes place in a calm and ressourcing athmosphere.


Caia takes time to listen to your concern in order to find the best way to help you. Some other places set up time(2-3hours, and charges quite expensive), but Caia spends the time you need to have all your answers, and its much more valuable!

The process is very gentle and you feel safe at all time. I could access to three past lives, had a self healing process and connect with my higher self. You can ask for anything you want to know to improve your life, your health and bring happiness in your mind.

I highly recommend this experience. Its easy to access, there is no knowledge to learn or specific skills to develop, just a little preparation before your session. Everyone can have a benefit from this therapy!"


                 Nathalie.S, France

It was the first time for me to take a session like QHHT. It was amazing!

Thank you very much.

Caia's calm dictation helped me to gain insight to life. I learned some important things about myself from this experience.

I was told that I might be able to connect to my "subconscious" and receive inspirations from it a few days after the session.
I was surprised to notice a few interesting things and some synchronicities.
I would definitely recommend this therapy.

It should be a life-changing session for you."


                           Yusuke, Goldcoast, Australia

"I had had some past life regressions a few years ago and I felt I needed another one.  I looked on Dolores Cannon’s web site for practitioners of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) and found Caia’s name in the list of Dedicated Practitioners. 


Then when I checked Caia’s web site it was obvious that she is very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced.  And so I followed my hunch and made a booking.


The session went very well.  Caia’s knowledge of the technique made the session go very smoothly.  I felt at ease and comfortable the whole time.  I knew I was in safe hands.  The environment was also very conducive to a good session.  It was very quiet, the ambience of the space was lovely, and the garden and trees outside added to the feeling of peacefulness. 


The session itself was surprising.  I had not expected anything like what occurred.  Afterwards it was apparent that it was exactly what I need to help me move forward both in my healing and my spiritual growth.  

The subconscious mind (SC) knew precisely where to take me, and Caia followed where the SC led, with knowledge, compassion and skill. 

I got even more healing when I listened to the session afterwards at home with the recording which Caia provided to me.  And the healing continued when I typed up the transcript of the session.


I wholeheartedly recommend Caia to anyone needing past-life regression, healing, or personal, or spiritual growth.

I feel well now, and I feel that my stuck life path, my spiritual path, is moving forward again now.  I am very, very grateful to Caia for how well she conducted the session, and the subsequent improvement I have experienced. "


                              Claudia, Queensland Australia


"Caia was so welcoming and warm, she was comforting and very full of information in regards to both the hypnosis and her own experiences which made me feel very understood. 


Caia inspired me way before the hypnosis even took place, her views and philosophy on spirituality and life in general really resonated with me and gave me a refreshing sense of hope that I felt I had lost in the previous weeks, her stories and her way of relating made me not feel so alone in the struggles I was facing.


She reminded me of all of the important things I had forgotton, an even more, the magic in every single moment in life whether negative or positive. The hypnosis was very interesting, I found it hard to relax as I naturally do in every day life from moment to moment, but she was patient, understanding and reasurring.


I would defiantly recommend following her prepping steps before attending your session if your left brain is very strong, you really need to learn to let go! That was also something valuable I had received from the session, I realised how difficult it was for me to let go, which currently relates to every aspect of my life, and the moment I could relax and be myself I found it very difficult - it was a lesson and reminder to step back a little bit in life and to be in the moment, I believe there is a very strong sense of fear and needing to control in most people, and this kind of therapy will either bring awareness to that or help guide you to let go of the rains.


The most I took from the session with Caia was feeling 'related' to, her wisdom, compassion and understanding, I didn't feel alone speaking with her and she brought a lot to light for me, back into my awareness, just by listening to her stories and own personal experience, as well as her knowledge on the subject of spirituality and life in general.


Thank you so much, I would definatly recommend visiting her for a session, but I too would recommend some meditation and practicing switching your mind off well in advance to your session. Thank you Caia! a xxx"


Kirsty, Queensland Australia

"Hi Caia, 


I hope you are well and you are creating exciting life experiences for yourself.


I can feel some positive changes in my perspective as a consequence of the session I had with you.They are subtle and at the same time strong shifts in the way I express myself. My friend noticed, that my speaking became more fluent. It is also much easier to do the job at work as I do not have to use so much energy to access information from my brain. It looks as if my brain pathways have reorganized them self in a much more accessible way. I have also more confidence, therefore I feel stronger and I don't unnecessary use my life energy for self doubts.

I also sleep without interruptions because I do not need to go to the toilet few times per night. This make a big difference too as it is important to have a good night sleep.


Furthermore, there are some improvements in my neck and shoulder chronic pain. I feel healthier tissue - not inflamed and more stable - around the problem area.  .

Thank you for your time and I wish you a great day. Liljana"


                                Liljana, Brisbane Australia

"I am very thankful to Caia   for conducting my very first QHHT session.


I didn’t know what to expect and I was very nervous I won’t be able to get hypnotized, but Caia explained everything so well prior to starting. She gave me exactly the tips and understanding I needed for relaxing during the session! She puts so much love into what she does, with so many extra little bits that just enhance the experience and make it even more memorable.

It is very obvious she is passionate, knowledgeable and sincere when conducting QHHT. During the session, her unfaltering voice guided me smoothly through all the worlds I experienced. She was there at every moment I needed her.


I am really very blessed to have experienced this with her for the very first time and I won’t change it for anything - it was incredible!! Love, light and harmony Dear Caia."


                                Alina, NSW  Australia

"OMG Caia, soo much has changed since the session, I have had a lot over epiphanies, I have been able to recreate a hypnosis session last night by just remembering your voice and remembering the feeling, but I’ll get to that in a bit…


When I left last night, I drove to the beach and had some awesome veg food chilling and kind of still out of it. I felt the urge to drive home, so started, I felt so tired just 30 mins into the drive so I had to sleep on the side of the rd hahaha. I woke up suddenly to find a car parked in the middle of the highway just looking at me, very weird then he drove off and I followed soon after, to find only 5 mins down the road my nephew was driving, this was at 11:30 at night, and we pulled over and he said he was on the way to my place, so strange so he followed me home. So strange hahaha…synchronicities right, but a lot happened to him that prevented him to leave so late also, losing keys etc.


Anyways on the drive home, I went back into a trance state with heaps of information being received, I had epiphanies and realised and let go of beliefs, one was a big one with Krystle and feeling of being misunderstood or when she was being negative, this was my biggest challenge, I would get frustrated with this, but now I realised that its ok to experience these emotions of frustration and to be at peace with that, as I let go of the belief that enlightenment was being happy 24/7, how wrong was this belief, I now realise that this belief was in resistance to actually feeling peace and preventing my happiness, I now am ok with feeling my authentic emotions and to love that, and then that’s the key to shifting back to happiness really within seconds, but I won’t put a time limit on it, it’s just being aware and loving my emotions no matter what I feel, and that is the key that will unlock the lesson providing growth. This was a big one for me, but seems so simple now.


I got home and it was about 1am and went pretty much straight to bed and felt soo much love for Krystle and hugs were amazing. Really connected with a more loving state of myself that I had forgotten. Then 2am JY woke up hahaha… he wanted to play, but so did I haha, so we stayed up for 2hrs playing lol, but such a deep connection of Joy. Then about 4am I put him to sleep in his bed, but I stayed awake thinking about the session and the memories of the session, I started to imagine your voice and the key word blue rose (I don’t know if it was the key word blue rose, but that’s what resonated haha) and then I started feeling cold again, the visuals came back on being under ice, then desert, the tree, sun, being warm, then night, and in space, then nothing just blank, then I was into visuals of being in a car, and I was following a government official wearing jeans, it felt like 30 years ago, with older cars, but I was just following this guy watching, I then had voices talking to me in other accents, then I heard like 3 ppl like observing me but I could not see them, they were saying something like “he’s doing it, he’s in trance, look at what he’s doing” then I went back to enjoying the empty peaceful space. This was what I wanted and enjoyed.


I now remember when being in the session with you and being in the black space that I just wanted to stay there and enjoy it, I wanted allow subconscious, but I really wanted like another 1 hour of enjoying that space of nothing hahah. So from this experience I have learnt that first hand every session doesn’t have to go to subconscious there is healing happening right away. But it also made me realise that I was analysing each moment, but I wanted to do this. I know next time I can let that analysing part go, because I really want a body scan and explore myself without the analytical filter. Lol. But I remember when you said “can I speak to Davin’s subconscious” I was like well I want more time here first, so it think I said “you can try” haha, I was just too much enjoying being nothing, it was really peaceful. Lol… so it was really my choice not to allow. lol


I think the session went this way also, because now I can understand what clients may feel first hand if there subconscious doesn’t want to come through, I really understand this process more, and before this session, this was one of my fears of holding me back from doing sessions with ppl I didn’t know, it was “what if we don’t access subconscious”, I had an expectation that this should happen in every session, it would be nice if it does, but I really wanted to enjoy that peaceful state. Haha, I have now let go over this expectation.


This is very raw still, I know there is a lot more I will realise in the coming days, but now I am excited to be able to access this state in mediation, but just remembering the feeling of being in that state and your voice. Lol


Will keep you up to date. And thank you very much!!! Very much appreciate your space and loving energy and wisdom and knowledge, the whole day was synchronicity perfect."  

Davin, Sunshine Coast, Australia

What I can tell you - comes from my heart-soul-mind ; if you are reading this, once you realise what I am about to reveal - your, heart-soul-mind will, with instant automatic intrinsically connect ... (light bulb moment)

The name Caia - subtly or distinctively vibrates as you read it, if you want to look at it or and repeat it , the minds ear is signalling... awaken

If like me , you have been self sabotaging- passing opportunities of self and worldly evolvement -clearly & truthfully , time to step towards awaking .

What’s always been , will have the sheet of illusion stripped to whatever degree your change is heading ... head in the sand no more - we are ambassador of our universe -

Your light is about to turn up a notch or ten.... stop looking and trust ... Thank you
Caia ... I trust in life before - I feel more open , and believe more so than ever - everything I need to know will come to me ...

​           Dominic, Melbourne, AUS

"I came to Caia, curious about Hearth wall removal, but session with Caia went so much deeper into areas of my life where I couldn't even see blockages.

My life instantly started changing. People around me started changing too (at least that's what I think it was happening, but with Caia's not just healing but with her guidance I realised that much deeper things were happening).


For me, Caia's guidance is as important as healing sessions, it is like a tool box that I can keep with me forever.

After few sessions of Emotional Code, my partner and my brother, after seeing such a change in me, decided to have a session too.

I am still amazed . After only one session with Caia (Heart wall removal) my partner, after 4 years of "hibernation",  started his dream job and founded a cure for his debilitating headaches (which he suffered from for 10 years). 

My brother is now a completely different man. Life is much brighter for him. He is starting new business, finished with very unhealthy relationship... 

Caia changed my life in a such a beautiful way. I would love to be able to sum up my journey with Caia, but think that one session miracles say much more.

When my two beautiful, but deeply troubled man, changed that much, you can only imagine changes in me (after 5 sessions)...

Thank you,

thank you,

thank you Caia, you are beautiful, compassionate healer, angelic guide and now even a beautiful friend.

Thank you from the depths of my soul,

                                          Gold Coast Arijana

 I am 15 and went to visit Caia.

The experience was very welcoming and calming and the results were amazing.

She helped me to find what was blocking me and then helped me to release them.

She also did past life regression. This also was a relaxing and incredible experience. I got to discover all these things i dint know that are linked into my life and i now understand why.


Thank you Caia. You are amazing.

                                             Jessica, Gold Coast

It took me over an year to put this review together as there were too many changes to how I see the world after Caia took me on a journey to re-experience my past lives. As an agnostic and non-spiritual individual, I was rather skeptic about the existence of the past life, but back in 2016, I was going through mental and emotional hardships and hoping someone or something to come along to help me get out of it.


I thought I have had figured out my flaws and challenges and I already had answers in my head, but yet I hadn’t fully “understood” what the purpose was for me to keep on living. I was suffering every day and night.


The past life regression session facilitated by Caia was a whole new experience. It was a strange feeling that I was still in my present body but at the same time, I was someone else. By experiencing the physical sensations and emotions through someone else’s body but through my spirit, mind, and my own eyes, I learned where my self-unworthiness and unexplainable guilt was coming from.


After the session, I learned some of my emotions were not coming from my traumatic childhood memories and were from my past life memories. My physical reactions (bleeding, hyperventilation, nerve pain, vomiting etc) were caused by my unresolved emotions and my body trying to cope with things that were unexplainable or inexpressible. In a bigger picture, maybe after a couple of months, I started realizing that no one is a good or bad person, and nothing in life is positive or negative. They were just phenomena, and it is us that assign meanings to them. People we have encountered all have purposes to exist and they are just playing the role they’re assigned by a greater power, and we are just taking turns which role to take, for our spirits to learn different emotions in each lifetime.


This understanding lead me to accept myself for who I am and what has happened in my life which all had meanings. It freed me from the grudges, regrets, hatred, and remorse I carried all my life. I would like to thank Caia so much for this eye-opening and life-changing experience. I will never look at the life the same way. Also I have become a believer of people meeting others for a reason when the time comes, and what’s only necessary will happen to your life.


If you ever feel stuck in life or have unreasonable emotions that are unresourceful to our life, I highly recommend seeing Caia. Her honest, caring and generous personality and with the gift she has, she will surely give you a new insight into your life and guide you to the next level.


 S. O. Australia

"I had a awesome QHHT session with Caia this week.

From the very first moment I met her, I was at ease with her as she very friendly and down to earth.

I knew I could trust her process and be completely open with what was to come.

She is easy to talk to and has many amazing stories and suggestions to share.

The initial coaching and sit down before the QHHT was priceless as there were many realisations just in that alone.

The QHHT was amazing for me as higher self has given me the information I need to move forward.

Followed by the debrief at the end all the pieces seemed to come together.

She is truly an amazing soul with a gift to share.

I have no hesitations in referring people to see her.

Thanks and regards"


                                       Colin Barrow, Melbourne 

I had QHHT for first time with Caia. 

She is compassionate and spends a long time to understand her client before the session starts. During the session she guides you and ensures the client takes their time to communicate what comes through during the session. After the session she also spent time with me to make sure I get a summary of the session and understand the important messages.

QHHT is literally a conversation with divine "aspect of you" and an experienced very well connected practitioner can only guide you through this. I definitely highly recommend Caia. 

Mahgan,  Gold Coast

"It started with a desire to have a few days break from work to recuperate and reset. When needing to travel far from home, I always like to plan weeks or months ahead. I was not thinking at that time to book a QHHT and nor was I actively searching through their website’s practitioner’s list, but for some reason, I was guided to meet Caia. And so, I spontaneously booked the session and flights.


Caia’s loving and healing energies were palpable in her space just like what the previous clients have mentioned during their sessions. And as a therapist, she made sure that you would feel comfortable. We established rapport easily so what seemed to be a 4-5 hours session only felt like an hour! We commenced the session with an interview, which didn’t feel like an interview at all since the process flowed with ease just like two people having a normal conversation. Caia’s genuineness made it easier for someone to share their story.


I had a brief experience with hypnosis almost 2 decades ago, way back during my Uni years. Back then, I was a sceptic and wasn’t receptive so, I was a bit concerned of how I would respond during the session. However, I put an intention to be open to the process and with Caia’s guidance I experienced being on a trance state for the very first time. Although we all go through the trance state process every day, but this time I was fully conscious of it. I could still hear Caia’s voice in the background but simultaneously also felt my eyes were fluttering uncontrollably. I had no control of what was happening. I was not sure whether my eyes were open or fluttering fast.  It almost felt like I was possessed! LOL. A few days after the session, I found out from Caia that what I experienced was the REM phase and this happened because I was in a deep tranced state.


I traveled to three past lives and the session has completed the missing pieces of the puzzle particularly the first past life which answered my soul's question of where I come from. My logical mind buried that question and I haven’t even discussed this with Caia in the interview. It was enough for me to know that I have a home to go back to after the mission. What manifested during the session was years of suppression and repression of the raw emotions of longing and disconnection. I still feel emotional about it. My Family whom I met during the session are beings that are coexisting with us, only they live in a different dimension. They can see us and they’ve been here for thousands of years helping the Earth. I once returned Home because I was missing my Family and I had difficulty deciding at that time whether to return to Earth. My longing for my Family is still lingering but I now view my life here on Earth with a better understanding, and a deeper love and compassion.  I have since been in touched with them (but probably I have always been but only unaware) and the messages I’ve been receiving are getting clearer and stronger. They call me, “my son and daughter” one morning. I laughed and I remembered I come from a place where gender does not exist. Once I did a healing session on someone, my Family was there guiding me, sending me messages on what part of the person’s body needed the healing.  


I look forward to what is about to unfold in the coming days and months. The session allowed me to go deeper on aspects of myself that are not accessible by logical thinking. If you are guided, I encourage you to gift yourself with a healing session with Caia. To say that she is therapist is an understatement, because she has been sent here on a mission to elevate human consciousness. She is an embodiment of love and healing.


To Caia, my immense gratitude and love to you for all that you do - for the care and love that you pour to your clients and the sessions. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to explore my lives with you. 


Rachelle, QLD"

I have engaged Caia for past life regressions on a number of occasions. She possesses a depth of spiritual knowing that is extremely valuable in enabling me to maximize the benefit of my journeys. I have experienced profound transformation post sessions. I plan to undertake further sessions to better understand my patterns and heal myself         


QLD, Janek de silva

There are no words to describe the wonder filled energy which surrounds Caia. She tells you that she triggers profound change in people, and even though I was skeptical at first, my life has been turned upside down, inside out - all for the better in a short period of time. Truth, courage and living as your authentic self becomes part of life and trusting that the universe has your back is best exemplified in Caia's many manifestation stories. Stories which once understood, can be part of your life too. I am deeply grateful and happy to have met and learned from Caia. Having done all the listed services on her website, I recommend all - whichever suits your particular needs at the time of  booking. You won't be disappointed, in fact Caia may assist you in allowing your heart to soar. 


Caia's work has had a profound effect on the way I view myself and how I now feel about who I am as a person.

She has a gift of allowing you to see why you may have these issues relating to yourself, past life memories and of this lifetime, plus much more.

I feel much calmer in my own being, just 4 days after seeing her and I know the life changing effects of this session will continue to be brought into the light throughout my future.

Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and direction Caia, so much love for you and your work.


​                                       Nina W,  QLD


Dear Caia


 Though you would like to know how things have settled since our Bodycode session.


1 - Left shoulder could not been raised any further than level with the ground and shooting pain and discomfort within any twisting action.

My shoulder has full movement, 6 years of impingement with doctors, scans and no result.

Hard to believe it was an issue that could be cleared in 20mins, Thankyou.


2 - Intergenerational Issue being the underlying cause inhibiting success in life.

My mum rang me yesterday and said she has more energy and feels great (you released an issue related to “I’m not good enough” that she, I and my grandmother both kindy received in the womb)

Again, hard to believe releasing something in myself could physically effect another person, but it did. Thankyou


3 - Second attempt heart procedure for chronic AF, Flutter that kept returning 5 days after each treatment (5 treatments before seeing you)

My heart is still in sinus rhythm, feeling better every day and I have a specialist appointment Tuesday (looks like reducing medication moving forward).

This issue as it turns out was all related to the above (number 2) in this email update. Your treatment has removed the underling problem, thus making the final medical procedure stick.


4 - Old and dear friends have been calling out of the blue.


5 - I am still experiencing shifts and progress.


There's more smaller stuff too numerous to add in this email, so.


Thankyou again as this was a truely miraculous experience, your skills and personality is an absolute blessing to us all.


                                                 M QLD ️

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